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Easier to go out with your child!

Our resources for children with disabilities make life a lot easier

B.J. Benelux is an expert in beautiful and functional aids for children with special needs. You can contact us for sturdy children’s wheelchairs, adapted buggies, lightweight strollers and versatile tricycles. Tools that provide more freedom of movement, so that your child’s world becomes a lot bigger. And yours a lot easier.

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Custom Tricycle

A child with a disability experiences the complete freedom of cycling on a Tomcat trike, without sacrificing safety. You can intervene at any time to steer or slow down, without hindering the child. View our different tricycles here

Custom buggy

Are you looking for a beautiful stroller with a functional design for your child with special needs? A buggy that is quickly ready for use and that is compact enough to take with you in your own car? We have a wide selection of buggies.

children’s wheelchair

B.J. Benelux offers compact and lightweight children’s wheelchairs. There is a choice of many colours, materials and accessories, so that you can put together the wheelchair to your own taste and adapt it to the needs of your child.

This compact and very user-friendly emergency telephone makes life in and around the house a lot safer. Whether it concerns your own safety, that of your children or if it is used as an aid for informal care for calling for remote assistance.

Customization: of course!


Every child is unique. And therefore our offer too. We always look first at what your situation and wishes are. Customizing products and finishing them for the customer, that’s our strength and challenge. We have all the tools and knowledge in-house to be able to make the necessary adjustments.

For example, we developed a swivel wheel especially for the Independence and Freedom buggies, for improved manoeuvrability. We also made a push bar on request, so that you can easily connect the buggy behind the bicycle.

We are also happy to help you find and adjust the right tools. To promote the growth, development and independence of your child

aangepaste buggy
Het geeft zoveel voldoening om een kind blij te kunnen maken met meer bewegingsvrijheid!
Jeroen Scheffe (B.J. Benelux)
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More is possible than you think


With the right tools, children with a disability can undertake activities that seemed impossible at first. For example, many customers who come to us think that their child cannot cycle, but when it sits on a Tomcat trike, it cycles away in no time! With a big smile on his face.

That’s the beauty of these special tricycles (and our work!): anyone who can sit with support is able to cycle with the Tomcat trike.

En zo bieden wij nog veel meer speciale hulpmiddelen. Tools that not only support your child, but that also stimulate it to develop further. Resultaat: meer vrijheid voor jouw kind én dus ook voor jou.

Do you want to know which tool suits you best?

More than 20 years of experience

B.J. Benelux is a family business. And you’ll notice that. To our personal approach and flexibility. Thanks to our more than 20 years of experience and extensive knowledge, we always find the best solution for our customers.

We deliver to both private individuals and intermediaries, even when the municipality provides the reimbursement with a PGB.

  • More than 20 years of knowledge and experience
  • Personal approach
  • Own showroom in Dordrecht
  • Delivery within and outside Europe
  • Fast processing of your order
  • Many products available from stock
  • Personal approach
  • Also available on weekends

Customer story

Walking and cycling: easy to get out and about

Iza needs a lot of support and therefore uses a fully adapted wheelchair. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make her very mobile.⁠ Since using our lightweight Freedom Push Chair and the BodyMap™ system, she is comfortable and can easily go out!

⁠ With our bicycle coupling kit, the buggy can also be converted from stroller to bicycle facility and vice versa in no time at all. This way Isa’s parents can cycle with her and then take a nice walk in nature