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Custom buggy

Which adapted buggy is best for your child with a disability?

Looking for a stroller with a beautiful and functional design for your child with disabilities? One that is quickly ready for use and that is compact enough to take with you in your own car?

B.J. Benelux has 20 years of knowledge and experience and is a family business with a personal approach. We have the stroller for you that meets the convenience and freedom you are looking for.

Our Akces-Med and Advance Mobility vehicles are robust and made for both urban and rural environments. The trolleys can be folded compactly so that there is always a model that suits your situation.
BJ Benelux supplies both private individuals and intermediaries. Even when the reimbursement is provided by the municipality with a PGB.
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independence push chair
Tough, lightweight custom strollers

The Special Needs strollers from Advance Mobility, a division of the Baby Jogger Company. These sturdy, lightweight pushchairs are available with a carrying weight of resp. 45.5kg and 91kg. In addition, various options are available, including a bicycle coupling kit to transport the car behind a bicycle as a bicycle trailer, which increases the mobility of the family with a disabled child.

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Strollers and aids from Akces-Med
Akces-Med’s products are aimed at anyone whose life can be made easier and more comfortable through the support and correct use of an aid.
Each aid in the Akces-Med range can be specifically adapted to the needs of the user with the help of accessories.
independence push chair

Kool Jogger

A compact stroller with a comfortable seat. Made for the unbeaten track, with 20” rear wheels and a 16” fixed front wheel.

A single castor wheel or a bicycle bar for coupling the Kool Jogger to the bicycle is optionally available.

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A second child
the buggy

Buggypod specializes in alternative products for double buggies, pushchair wheelchairs, child seats, etc. If you go out with two young children, it is ideal to propel them together using a Buggypod product. One child can go in the stroller and the other can go in the Buggypod Lite, Buggypod io or Buggypod Perle.

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